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Founded in 1981, Sinhal Classes is one of India’s oldest and most Trusted Academic Training Institutes.



The Institute Sinhal Classes was founded in 1981 by Prof. O. P. Sinhal, author of the widely acclaimed "A Text Book of ICSE Mathematics" with a vision to provide the best quality guidance to Std. X, XI and XII Science Students of Mumbai. Starting out with just 10 students in the first year, Sinhal Classes is now the trusted first choice of top ranking students and has grown manifold with thousands of students passing through its portals each year. Twenty-eight years later, as Sinhal Classes is past its Silver Jubilee year, it continues to be one of Mumbai's most trusted coaching institutes for Science students.

Sinhals (as our students fondly refer to us) has always been at the forefront in producing excellent Std. X results every year right since its inception.


In Its 28 Year History, Sinhal Classes students have outperformed:
28 Sinhals Students - First In Mumbai,
10 Sinhals Students - First In India
100'S Of Sinhals Students - First In Individual Subjects
1000'S Of Students - Over 90% Overall

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Prof. O. P. Sinhal, the visionary behind the Sinhal Classes started with humble beginnings to become one of the most well known names in the Indian Education industry.

Every once in a while, comes a person with a vision to look at things differently. Born on the 5th of July, 1942 in a small town of central heartland of India, Madhya Pradesh, O. P. Sinhal was probably one such person. The youngest of 7 siblings, he knew from a young age that only one person would be responsible available at the time, he was an all - rounder, excelling at both academics as well as extracurricular activities, especially sports. Though an ace hockey-player, his interest in Science was clear right since

Prof. O.P. Sinhals Vision

Prof. O. P. Sinhal

school. Sure enough, he pursued Science in his college years and eventually completed his Masters in Science from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. 
It was here that he first became a teacher, teaching Mathematics and Physics in a higher secondary school to pay off his hostel expenses. The experience of guiding someone to understand the concepts in a subject they found difficult was a challenge that he loved and quickly became a favorite amongst the students. It was also during his post-graduation, that he secured the first position in his University's Lecture Series, 2 years in a row. He now knew without doubt, that this–teaching–was his calling.

Often small events in our lives can make huge impact on our lives, one such incident was an essay competition in his college. Despite his friends reminding him that no first-year student had ever won this competition judged by HODs of the University, he became the youngest student to participate in the contest and sure enough came out winning the first prize. While an achievement in itself, it inspired a much larger goal: a Mathematics text book containing the least amount of well-chosen questions arranged in a order of difficulty. Almost 20 years later, in 1978 his book, simply titled: A Text Book Of Mathematics was released and has changed the way Mathematics was taught.

His innovative nature continued when he founded his own institute, where his importance on finishing the portion well in advance, ample number of prediction papers, giving well prepared model solutions produced the first ranker from all over India, in just his fifth batch of students. Over the years he perfected the systems he made, and in the process made many new ones as a result of which, Sinhals soon came to be looked upon as an inspiration for innovative teaching techniques.

In a career of spanning over four fruitful decades, Prof. Sinhal has taught 10 lakh students through his book and his institute, and inspired even more. On his 67th Birth Anniversary, we hope this spirit of innovation always continues at Sinhal Classes


Most Trusted Academic Training Institutes Most Trusted Academic Training Institutes Most Trusted Academic Training Institutes

Prof. O.P. Sinhals Vision

Sanjay Sinhal
Managing Director
Sudhanshu Sinhal
Director-R & D
Pragya Sinhal Choksey
Suresh Gupta

"We commit ourselves to Prepare students for the future Impart knowledge on which students can build bright career Treat everyone with respect and fairness Build systems that save students efforts and yield better results."


Sinhal Vision

"To empower Indian students to build stronger concepts to make them more confident to face any future academic challenges in the future. The mission at Sinhal Classes is to develop Courses, Tools and Resources to give "Power to students to perform their best".


 Sinhals Philosophy

At Sinhal Classes, our goal has never been to be the biggest or the largest institute, but rather it has been to develop even better quality courses for select ambitious students to increase their Std. X performance, year after year. The combination of these high quality courses and the systems made by our Founder-Principal have produced the top most Std. X results for over 28 years. At Sinhal Classes our approach has always been to Clear the Concepts of the students first and then build their knowledge. This philosophy of laying importance on concepts and fundamentals has helped students not only in their Std. 10 exams, but also in future exams.

It is our firm belief that in the long term, for students "Better Concepts=Better Future". All our efforts are guided by this simple thought; a reason why top ranking students prefer Sinhal over other score-more mugging-up alternatives.

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