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"The Results Say It Is The No.1 STD.10 ICSE Course From All Over INDIA."

 2nd In Mumbai

97.80% Ashish Phal [AVM]
[Avg of English + Best 4 as per ICSE Board

97.80% Mallika F. [Bombay Scottish]

[Avg of English + Best 4 as per ICSE Board]

• 73 Sinhals students 95%+ in Overall
• 51 Sinhals students Maths 100/100
• 646 Sinhals students 90%+ in Maths
• 316 Sinhals students 90%+ in Science
• 371 Sinhals students 90%+ in English
• 560 Sinhals students 90%+ in Social Studies
• 26 Sinhals students 1st Rankers in Schools
• 1st in MUMBAI 30 times in the last 32 years at Std 10 ICSE Board Exams.


Admissions for Std.10 I.C.S.E. 2014-15 starts on SUNDAY 28th July 2013 at 8.00 A.M. Sharp.Collect your FREE copy of Prospectus Today from our center

Course Options Lectures & Test Schedule Intensive Test Series

Each and every parent whose children are going to appear for the Std X ICSE Board exams in the near future have their share of apprehensions and tense moments over the overall score as well as percentages in individual subjects their child will score.
The Std X ICSE Course at Sinhal Classes is one of their well performing courses. Sinhal Classes has developed this ICSE Course with meticulously and insights enabling the child to lay their hands on exam oriented study material and grasp the nuances of the subject in the simplest way possible.
For your child, Std X ICSE year is a crucial and defining period from where he or she will take the next step forward which will shape their future career. At Sinhals, we have a developed a study schedule and a special test schedule for Maths, Physics, Biology, English, History and Geography. Sinhal Classes will provide a complete set of notes, guides and papers sets with solutions of Std X ICSE Course.

ICSE Schedule


 English-Social Science


Group Tuition & VCR Batches

VCR Batches


5th January 2014

20th April 2014


Duration & Lecture frequency


5th January 2014 - 9th March 2014.
[all Sunday & Public Holidays]

20th April 2014 – 30th April 2014

(10 Days)


2nd May 2014 – 1st June [5 days a week] 2nd May – 1st June [Once a week]

2nd May - 2nd June [Once a week]


9th June 2014 – 27th October 2014
[all Sundays & Public Holidays] 9th June 2014 – 30th Nov 2014
[3 days a week]

June - Nov 2012
 [3 days a week]


Oct - Nov [1 Week]


Nov. 2014 - Feb. 2015 [Revision & Difficulty solving lectures & Contact Programmes]

ICSE Professors

The trust that Sinhal Classes has built in Mumbai since 1981 ensures that only the most popular teachers with a proven track record are chosen as Sinhals Professors. As a Sinhals student, you will benefit from the combined expertise of some of the best professors of Mumbai.

Sinhal's ICSE Professors

ICSE Notes

Sinhal's ICSE Notes

Sinhals Notes are made by compressing many reference textbooks into a small set of neat thin books. Sinhals Notes are prepared with "concept-clearing-questions" which make you understand the underlying concepts behind a question. Once a concept is clear, then any other questions based on that concept can be solved. Studying from Sinhals Notes you can be sure that you will get the most knowledge by studying the least number of pages.

ICSE Tests

This makes sure that students who take Sinhals Tests seriously will have concepts that are crystal clear. Further, the Sinhals Final Tests are widely considered to be the best Prediction Papers which mimick the actual examination paper; one of the reasons why Sinhals students perform so well in CBSE, SSC, ICSE, HSC CET.


Sinhal's ICSE Tests

ICSE Systems

Sinhal's ICSE Systems

Right from your first day at Sinhal Classes to your final board examination, everything is pre-planned to bring out the best performance in you.

ICSE Course Fees

There are many Course Combinations available for each CBSE, SSC, ICSE, HSC CET. For detailed fee structure for these combinations, kindly visit your nearest Sinhals Centre

Sinhal's ICSE Course Fees


 ICSE How to Apply

ICSE How to Apply

Owing to the high demand for Sinhal Courses, we can offer admission only to the most deserving students every year. The specific eligibility criteria for admission varies for ICSE, CBSE, SSC, HSC CET courses. Students may get the eligibility details from the branch manager at their nearest Sinhals Centre.  

Admissions usually get full a few months in advance before the start of the course. Students and parents are advised to apply for admission early. Admission can be confirmed by paying the first installment of the Course Fee.
1) Fill the Application Form.
2) Attach 2 recent passport size photographs and a certified photocopy of your marksheet.
3) Submit the completed form with student and parent signatures and collect the receipt from the reception.

ICSE Chapter - Wise Perfection

Our logic for the perfect performance in the final examination is simple: perfect every chapter of the syllabus and automatically your result will be perfect. At Sinhals, a lot of planning goes into every chapter that is there in your syllabus. As a Sinhals student, you will be made to understand every single chapter in depth, which is what will make all the difference in your performance.

Sinhal's ICSE Chapter Wise Perfection

 ICSE 2011 Results Highlights  

432 Sinhal Students 90% + overall

Sinhal's ICSE Results


 23 Sinhal students 1st Rankers in School.

556 Sinhal students 90% + in Mathematics

389 Sinhal Students 90% +in Science

442 Sinhal Students 90%+in English

601 Sinhal Students 90%+in Social studies

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